Ends on January 31, 2019
Please use the following guidelines for submitting translations:

General Guidelines:

- One submission per reading period
- Translations of short fiction, poetry, nonfiction and standalone excerpts of novels/book-length works of nonfiction are welcome. 
- At this time we are not accepting translations of plays, scripts or memoir.
- Works should be published in their original language, but previously unpublished in English.
- Forthcoming works under contract are welcome with the permission of your publisher.

*Please ensure you have permission to translate from the rights holder of the original work*
This is very important! The rights holder may be the author, the agent or the publisher of the original work - it is your responsibility to obtain written permission (letter, email) to translate. You do not need to send this to us with your submission, but please have it on hand if your work is selected for publication.

Genre Specific Guidelines:

- One (1) prose submission per reading period, of up to 8000 words. 
- Up to two (2) poems per submission, but they must both come from the same original author.

Formatting & Cover Letter:

- Please submit your translation, and the applicable portion (i.e. not the whole novel) of your source text as SEPARATE documents.

- Please name your 2 documents in the following fashion:

TRANSLATION_AuthorSurname_TranslatorSurname_TranslationTitle(Original Language)
ORIGINAL_AuthorSurname_TranslatorSurname_TranslationTitle(Original Language)

So if your name is Tammy Wabberjack and you are translating Silvina Ocampo's poem "Mirrors" from Spanish, your uploaded documents should look like this:


- In your cover letter, please (briefly) introduce yourself, the author you are translating, and give some background information about the translation e.g. an excerpt from a novel, a story from a collection etc. Keep this very brief, one or two sentences is enough - the translation should speak for itself!
Ends on January 31, 2019

  We welcome flash fiction, short stories, and novel excerpts of up to 8,000 words. You may submit either one full-length story or up to three pieces of flash fiction (fewer than 1,000 words per piece). No genre or children’s fiction. One submission per reading period, please.

Ends on January 31, 2019

Up to 3 poems may be submitted. Please submit and upload all poems into one file. Length limit: 8 pages. Only one submission per open reading period. Be advised that we're able to support 500 free poetry submissions for each issue, so if we reach that number before the end of the month, we will have to close the submissions form early for that issue. 

Ends on January 31, 2019

Creative nonfiction only, please. No more than two pieces, up to 8,000 words.

Ends on January 31, 2019

We’d love to see anything from one-page comics to excerpts from graphic novels. Check out our past issues to see what we've run in the past, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Please note that we do not publish single-frame cartoons in the style of The New Yorker.

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